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I cannot believe I haven't done a journal entry since 2013... o_o I've got reeled in by tumblr and the storyboarding and forgot all about DA. *_* Haha. But I have to say I really miss this place. I like seeing all my fave artists updates in a more organized fashion. haha <3 Anyway just a quick entry to say hi! =]
I am open for digital commissions if anyone is interested. The prices range from $10-$20 per character. Please check out my tumblr post for more info! Thank you!…
Wahhh someone got me a subscription! I don't know who did it, but thank you so much!! =] So generous!! Why did you make it anonymous?! D=

THANK YOU!!! :heart::heart::heart:
Okay yeah episodes 1 and 2 were good. But episode 3 WAS GREAT. I've gone from being entertained, to being impressed. My heart was actually beating out of my chest during the climax. That's pretty rare (considering I'm so jaded when it comes to stories, I'm soooo picky!!) I'm happy to see that it's only getting better so far. *_* And I love Bolin EVEN MORE NOW!! He is just so fun, and sweet, and adorable. Best character on American t.v. EVER. I'm still whatever about Makorra, but I don't dislike it now. HAH.

So yeah go watch episode 3!!! *_____* WOOO GO AVATAR KREW!!!!

EDIT: Okay... Mako is growing on me. The brothers make me happy. And you can watch ep 3 on =]
I'll attending Sakura-con's AA on Saturday and Sunday. Be sure to stop by and say hi! =]

I haven't had to time to do/upload my daily HxH drawings, but I'll do that when I come back!

Bolin is awesome!!!! I'm craving to do some proper Korra fanart. I'm so excited for episode 3! T_T

I got one. lol

It's pretty much the same as what I'm posting here.... But that might change...?
The premiere was really nothing less of excellent. I am jealous of the kids who get to grow up watching this show. I really like Korra and Tenzin student/teacher relationship and the brothers are heartwarming and entertaining. It's going to be great. Mako and Korra. They seem like they're going to be a cute couple (I guess lol... actually I'm not thrilled about it, but we will see. avatar never was subtle about canon romance haha)

Anyway, the best parts in my opinion were...
ALLLLL OF TENZIN AND HIS KIDS!!! Ikki and Meelo = <3
Mako's sexy voice. Mako being a badass in the pro-bending ring. Mako's aloof stare. Mako being pretty.. Mako. He's quiet, but I really can't wait to uncover his character more in the series. It's nice to have a such a subtle character in this series.
EVERYTHING about Bolin. I think I laughed at pretty much everything he said and almost everything he did. PJ Byrne was a great cast for him. His voice reminded me of Quatre when he first said "there you are!" and I got kind of happy for some reason lol. I mostly cannot wait to see more episodes so I can see him. <3
AND AMON'S HOT HOT HOT VOICE! OH MY GOD. THIS WAS SUUUUCH A SMART MOVE FOR A MASKED VILLAIN. I swear if this villain turns out to be as sexy and awesome as I think he's going to be, I will be VERY VERY HAPPY.

So yeah if you can't tell I like the voices and voices acting. haha

Love the extra effort they put on the acting. Great animation, action, blah blah blah you know. The amazingness of ATLA at an even higher quality basically. I'm looking forward to more. It's been a long wait, but very worth it. It's so inspiring. Thank you Avatar Korra krew for making something so wonderful. <3 There is a lot to look forward in this.
Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! =]] I had a really wonderful day with my friends. I'm super lucky to have such awesome people in my life.

The highlight of this birthday was playing Telestrations. Some really funny random stuff can happen... like...


I like how it looks like it has a bun the oven. HAHA :heart:

Hope everyone had a great day!

The premier is April 14th at 11am and we can FINALLY GO ON WITH OUR LIVES! lolol
boss trailers!……

And here's a link to like Korra. If we get 100,000 new shares and likes we can watch the premier weeks earlier online. DOPE.…

It's going to be BOSS. I love the brothers!!
This crow seems to be having a good time with a jar lid on a snowy rooftop.... One time down the slope just isn't enough!! He keeps going back for more!!…

Life's pretty awesome sometimes lol. This vid made my day.

Random entry, I know. XD
Hey look, it's 2012 and we're all still here. =]]] Years are just numbers. But I still like the idea of resolutions. I mean, of course we're growing as humans all year long... In reality, each moment is a clean slate and another change. I think New Year just reminds people of that. Things always pass, and something new arises. We're going around the sun once more.

In past years, my resolutions were goals that I had such as "I'm going to draw a picture a day" or "I'm going to make an original comic".. But they never worked out... I ended up changing my priorities, or something would happen to make me too upset to focus. But this year I'm going to look at a resolution as a change that I want to make, rather than a goal or action I would like to accomplish.

So mine is to stop doing things that screw myself over LOL. Like procrastinating, worrying, letting stress build up, staring at blank sheets of paper while I'm thinking about my "problems", taking breaks that disrupt my momentum, eating for emotional reasons etc etc... And just to be more present, intentional, aware, and active. I'm totally the type of person where if you let me sit around for 5 seconds my mind goes apeshit and starts filling up with a bunch of self-destructive crap! Besides rendering me unproductive, it also makes me unhappy. So whenever I sense that negative momentum happening, I'm going to do something productive, or focus on something positive... Somebody once said, you can't control your emotions, but you can influence them with your actions. So that's what I'm doing now. w00t!

Actually last year my general resolutions were to draw more and eat healthier... By the end of the year I did indeed accomplish those goals, even if I didn't accomplish certain specific tasks I wanted to. I hadn't even realized it till now. Yay!! ( But to take my eating habits a step further, I'm cutting down on sugar and chocolate. That stuff makes me loopy, man. LOL) I also thought that I hadn't really changed a whole lot since last year... But actually when I look back, I think I'm pretty different than before. I definitely feel like I've gained more love and compassion. I may not have been as productive or positive as I wanted to be, but I feel like I'm heading in that direction. And I know you are too.

Thanks for stopping by. May you all a have great New Year filled with inner peace, joy, and positive vibes! =]
I hope everyone had a good holiday and spent it well. =] I saw some friends and family, only for a short time, but hey it was still fun. =]

I never make holiday art XD But I would like to. Maybe for the new year. Dragons are cool. This year... honestly It was really stressful for me. I was in a constant state of anxiety, and really just struggling to keep my chin up and be happy. It's been a valuable learning experience, but I wonder... I feel like I'm not getting anywhere, so I wonder if I really learned anything at all. :( I'm trying to get my act together and maybe I can accomplish some things this coming year though. We'll see. ^^; Just gotta do your best. =] Here's to a better now!

Take care and be happy!

I almost forgot! Here's some stuff that's been making me smile. :D

drunk by nippori laughing by nippori <~ You gotta check out the rest of their gallery. What a talented artist!
The Princess of Mononoke by fukamatsu
:thumb253379916: Hell yeah Jason!
:thumb243649379: *snicker* poor Timmy. :rofl:
:thumb251119667: Just a shower floor!
This memory of summer by muttiy
My god.

So many. So amazing...

Gotta work harder. *_*
Hey it's been a while since I have written an entry. Just thought I'd say. HI! HELLO! WHAT'S UP! And thank you to all who still keep up with my page. I'm very thankful. Each comment and fave really brightens up my day. It makes me happy if other people can get enjoyment out of my work. (However infrequent it is shared lol.) =]

The new Hunter x Hunter anime came out a couple months ago. I've only seen up to episode 4. I'm watching it whenever I can with my friend on our chill time. Having only watched the episodes once, at first I found them disappointing. I had my own expectations of what they should be like. Even though I had seen the character designs and could tell off the bat that this series would have a more childish tone, a part of me still hoped for the same weirdness and maturity of the original anime and manga but with more up-to-date animation and a few changes. The scenes felt rushed, and I didn't feel an emotional charge while I was watching it. I also don't like Killua's voice, and how the tone does not feel menacing enough during what should be the dramatic parts. Having watched the first episode again, and putting my expectations aside. I think it's OKAY for what it is. But the original is still a much better introduction of Gon and the strange world he lives in to the audience. Here, Gon is definitely likeable, but I didn't bond with him immediately the same way I did in the manga and first anime. Hence, we're off to a shaky start. I still like the direction and pacing of the first series more, but clearly this new one is trying something else. I still think it's worth following even though it's not all that ground-breaking. Maybe there will be some nice surprises later on. =] Well, those are my opinions, but if people still get into HxH because of this new anime, I am still very happy. Hunter x Hunter is so awesome.

BATMAN RULES. And you know who the best Robin is?
JASON TODD!!! (Just kidding I like them all, BUT) I finally got back into DC-verse after having watched Batman: Under the Red Hood. (I know I'm late to the game.) FREAKING SWEET. Best Batman movie ever. If WB animation can do it right, why can't Nolan??? When I have time I'm going to read the Batman comics again. Yeah. *_*

Anyway till next time. =]

Commission status (OPEN)

:bulletred:Portrait: $5
:bulletred:Waist-up: $9
:bulletred:Full-body: $13 per character
Double the Price for color. Add 75% of the original character for each additional character.

Pencil/Digital Clean Line (with optional shading)
:bulletred:Portrait: $10
:bulletred:Waist-up: $15
:bulletred:Full-body: $20 per character
Double the price for color. Add 75% of the original character for each additional character.

:bulletred:Small 5x7" portrait, chest up with no or minimal BG $25
:bulletred:Large 8x10" full-body or half body with no or minimal BG $45 (add $30 for each extra character)…
:bulletred:Large 8x10" Full-body or half body with background $80 ($30 for each extra character)…

If you would like the original mailed to you, there will be an additional $5-10 S+H charge, which will cover the cost of postage, the packaging, and the time it takes me to go to the post office, lol.

Please note that these are all BASE prices. Additional charges may apply for more detailed pictures, which will be quoted before you agree to the commission price.

PAYMENT I only accept payment through Paypal and all payments must be made upfront.

Revisions You are allowed one revision for sketches. For all other commissions I will check in with you after each stage is completed to make sure things are on track and to see if you need any edits done.

Be as specific as possible with your request, and please provide good references of your characters, so I can draw them accurately. I'm pretty flexible with style as well. I will draw anything that is not porn. Animals, furries, mechanical stuff, boyxboy, girlxgirl, and violence are all accepted.

If you are interested in commissioning me, please note me or e-mail me at with the subject "Commission".

Thank you! =]

Friends offering commissions: :icondinmoney::iconnokomento:
I need your help! *-* I want to open up for commissions and I'm curious like what type of commissions you personally prefer? Just forget that you don't have money for a second... lol

I'm definitely going to offer character sketch commissions. And sketch commissions + simple digital color. But as for coloring style and pictures... do you like to just commission the character doing something or would you prefer like a complete image (ie something the character is doing in an actual environment?) I would like to do more of these types of commissions because they are a little more interesting to me, even though they take a little more time.

If you commission somebody, do you do it because you like their overall skills or perhaps a particular type of coloring or inking style they do?

Is there a picture in my gallery that you would want a commission to be like? Or share a link to a picture that you really like from another person's gallery! I'm curious what other people want their commissions to be like.

Thanks for your help. =']
Wow, Madhouse is doing a remake of Hunter x Hunter and it's airing this fall!! Well... personally I really love the original animated series. I don't feel like it needs to be updated, and I get annoyed with all the super bright colors these days in anime, but I' glad that they are bring it back. Hopefully it will spark more interest in the series. We'll just have to seeeeee *___* This is so awesome!
Long time no update, huh guys. Thanks for those of you who actually still watch my dead page. You're crazy, but I'm grateful. =]

First things first. The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra.
I CAN'T WAIT.. But wait we must.

Second: I'm working on a short original comic. It's still in the rough script stage, but I'm working hard on it and not giving up. I fully intend to complete it to the best of my capabilities. I want to make/draw stories and I truly hope that I will create something that people enjoy reading. For now I can tell you that it features a Vampire protagonist. Not because I think vampires are cool, or because we need more of them in the media today, but because I wanted to draw a vampire BAT. BATS ARE SOOOOO CUTE. Seriously, where are the bats, and coffins, and capes these days. Vampires are soooo boring now. Well I guess I'm just a little old-school. =] I'll probably post it online to read, but I hope to print it into a doujinshi too. =]

Third: I need help paying my rent so I am going to start selling posters online and open up for sketch commissions in the near future. =]
Oh yeah and in case you missed it, my Digimon print is on sale right now.…
$10 for the 11x17" and $5 for the 8.5x11" +shipping $2 in US, $3-5 outside of US

Thanks again for all you watching and comments. =]]] Hopefully I'll update again soon. *_*

Upcoming Conventions:
New York Comic Con and Anime Festival Oct 13-16 - confirmed
Pacific Media Expo Nov 11-13 - hopefully
Anime LA 2012 January 6-8 - if we are still alive
Happy New Year everyone!! =]] It's 2011!! Alriiiight!!!!!

Any New Year's resolutions?

Mine are to draw more and eat healthier (they are more detailed than that, but that's the basic idea, lol). But most of all I want to appreciate each moment more and more and have a better attitude. The trait I want to work on the most is determination. Determination and success go hand in hand. =]

<3 <3
Reboot DVDS for  seasons one and two are finally available to pre-order! *___* I love Bob and Megabyte!…

I REALLY need to do Reboot fanart. =[[[